Input for the workshop invited/contributed

The input for invited/contributed submission is now open.

Deadline: has been extended to the 30 October 2014


To submit a contribution, the creation of a personal account is needed. Please create your account in using the tool at your disposal on the left side of the website.  You   will then have access to the online submission system.

The session topics are: 

Since each session is allocated only half a day, presentations are limited to a maximum of four invited presentation. Invited speaker will submit, by the deadline, a “White Paper” summarizing the group’s view of the present status in their area, the group’s vision for the future, technical approaches, challenges, opportunities for future missions, any new space missions, status of technology development approaches to address common issues, and ways to increase collaboration for future missions. Interactive and panel discussions are planned to engage the broader community participation and capture their input by the Technical Session Chairs in their final report. To include contribution from broader lidar community and workshop participants, the workshop will accept "Extended Abstracts", not exceeding 6-pages from workshop participants detailing their approach for the respective measurements. If time permits, the Technical Session Chairs will allow the authors of the “Extended Abstract” to make brief presentation during the session. A summary of these will be presented to the larger group and discussed on Day 5 of the workshop. In support of this, the invited speakers in each session should be requested to address these topics in their presentation, and furnish their presentation material as part of the record. The "White Paper" and the "Extended Abstracts" along with Technical Session Chairs summary report will be included in the workshop proceedings and will be made available to all the workshop participants and to the space agencies for their use in exploring future joint missions.

The workshop report will be an open report published by the IEEE. Contributors are responsible for any clearance from their respective organizations.


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